Le konokono bungalows hotel - vacance à l'ile rodrigue

Presentation of the island

In the Indian Ocean, 650km northeast of Mauritius is the island Rodrigues. Volcanic jewell of 18 km long and 8 km wide surrounded by a lagoon of 200km² and peaking at 398m (Mont Limon).


It bears the Portuguese navigator Don Diego Rodriguez name who is credited with its discovery   .
Its population of 38   370 inhabitants.
October 12, 2002, the island gained its autonomous status.
The people are friendly, helpful, courteous, honest, generous, simple... You will always smiles, hellos and human warmth.
In Rodrigues, you will feel valued, important, never alone The host will Rodrigues reconciled with human nature   !

What to do in Rodrigues

You can

  • Explore the magnificent caves extending under the 19 hectares of the Nature Reserve of giant turtles with which you can take a walk.
  • Visit one of the largest cathedrals in the Indian Ocean nestled in lush greenery.
  • Make diving (October to January is the best time) in apnea or with bottles,
  • Making kite surfing,
  • Fishing big game for 1 or more days
  • Visiting the islands
     - Tyrolese
  • Swingbridge
    Several agencies are at your disposal to visit the island and lagoon.